Blue Kangling

Tibetan Buddhist search for the meaning of death in an unforgiving

Himalayan landscape and expose the core of human nature.

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Short Synopsis


Death is one of the most elusive and taboo concepts. It’s permanence and uncertainty have mystified and confounded humans for millennia. One aspect however, that we know for certain, is one day we will all die.

Tibetan Buddhist have multifaceted explanations, theories and practices around their concept of death and what happens to a consciousness once it collapses into darkness. Thousands of years of meditation, teachings and living in extreme conditions have given way to rich existential theories built on basic human truths.

Blue Kangling is a film that uncovers the collective consciousness of death for Tibetan Buddhist. It is an observational approach revealing individuals who shape, influence and live according to this knowledge. Understanding is established through intimate portraits of commoners, as well as the philosophical and culturally enlightened who offer meaning and insight behind Tibetan Buddhism. Exploring rituals and practices from generations past, we uncover early cultural influences and explanations that answer the existential questions, “Why are they here?” and “Where they will ultimately go?”

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In a world dedicated to distraction, silence and stillness terrify us.

_Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

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_His Holiness Kyabgon Gongma Trichen Rinpoche

PKA His Holiness Sakya Trizin, the 41st generation Throne holder of the Sakya order of Tibetan Buddhism

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"... beautifully done and the content is very authentic and gripping."

_Robert Alexander Farrar Thurman

American Buddhist author, Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, Co-founder and president of the Tibet House New York